• Ideally two or more employees – A mix of technical or creative and commercial people.
  • You should have a live product or service and existing customers.
  • Your business must relate to the future of consumer health.
  • Enough cash to support your business for 6 months.
  • You should have a clear overview of your competitive market and a roadmap for future growth.


  • Full time commitment to your business and a presence in the Leeds studio for at least three days a week during the 12 weeks of the programme.
  • Meet key milestones throughout the programme.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and be generous with your time including spending two hours a week solving a live business challenge with the other businesses in Elmwood LaunchPod.


Applications Open Applications Close Interviews Final feedback Elmwood LaunchPod 12 weeks Starts Elmwood LaunchPod Close
Now Once spaces are filled Subsequent to application 30th July 3rd September 23rd November
  • Applications OpenNow
  • Applications CloseOnce spaces are filled
  • InterviewsSubsequent to application
  • Final feedback30th July
  • Elmwood LaunchPod 12 weeks Starts3rd September
  • Elmwood LaunchPod Close23rd November