Just ask.

  1. Where can I find out more?

    You can find out more on our site, contact launchpod@elmwood.com, or download our brochure here.

  2. Why is Elmwood running an accelerator programme?

    In today’s challenging, fast moving world, with an ever more discerning public, design has never been more relevant as it is today, as is its ability to deliver commercial success and a positive future for people and society. At Elmwood, we believe that design has the power to propel brands and society forward, outpacing the rate of change, delivering human impact, while creating commercial success.

    Elmwood LaunchPod will provide Elmwood with the opportunity to shape and inform innovation in areas that are relevant to our roster of global clients. In addition, Elmwood LaunchPod gives us the opportunity to learn from a diverse, ante-disciplinary group of innovators and further stimulates our ability to redimensionalise brands through the power of design in a highly connected world.

    We will help this diverse group of start-ups and scale-ups to road-test their products and services in the real world, setting them up for future growth through a unique combination of mentoring, management support, marketing and design expertise and even funding in a highly stimulating, and playful environment in one of the UK’s foremost smart cities.

  3. How is Elmwood LaunchPod different to other accelerators?

    Elmwood LaunchPod brings together a unique combination of diverse innovators from across STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) disciplines in a stimulating, explorative and collaborative environment with the goal of creating an opportunity in which all participants can work together regardless of domain expertise. Participants will harness emerging technologies and will be enabled to integrate them into products and services that are built with genuine empathy through the power of design.

    During a tailor-made 12-week programme, participants from science, technology and arts disciplines will be supported through expert mentoring, management support and will gain access to world-class design methodologies, marketers and designers, as well as to a roster of leading global clients. In some cases, funding may be provided.

    Elmwood LaunchPod is situated in the heart of Leeds, one of UK’s foremost smart cities, and participants will enjoy rent-free access to Elmwood’s design studio for the duration of the programme. While working on their own project, participants will collaborate with Elmwood and its clients on an innovation project that will bring all the unique disciplines of the participants and Elmwood together.

    In so doing, Elmwood LaunchPod supports the next generation of entrepreneurs who are already hard at work to bring emerging ideas to market that will shape the future of consumer health management.

  4. What is STEAM?

    By STEAM we mean businesses with domain expertise in any of the following disciplines: science, technology, engineering, maths, as well as arts.

  5. What criteria does my business have to meet?

    • Ideally two or more employees – A mix of technical or creative and commercial people
    • A technology or creative business that focuses on tackling the challenges of consumer health
    • Cash to keep afloat for 6 months
    • 3 months of bank statements
    • Company accounts
    • Company registration number
    • VAT registration number
    • Copies of any existing client contracts less
  6. What aspects of consumer health are you interested in?

    We want to partner with start-ups and scale-ups from across the STEAM disciplines that are actively innovating the way in which people connect with their health and with the healthcare system. They may be tackling a diverse range of health issues, including both physical and mental health.

  7. Where is Elmwood LaunchPod based?

    At Elmwood’s Leeds studio: 105 Water Lane, Leeds LS11 5WD. We’re only a short walk from Leeds train station in the Round Foundry creative district. We’re located just seconds from several great pubs and eateries. Check out where on the map.

  8. Why has Elmwood LaunchPod chosen Leeds as its base?

    Elmwood has been headquartered in the region for 40 years and played an integral role in helping regional businesses grow, as well as generating income for the region and attracting international brands. Regional development efforts, of which Elmwood as been an active participant (for instance, through LeedsBID), have made Leeds one of the UK’s foremost smart cities, recognised for its path-finding work, particularly in bringing together an integrated approach to creating a healthier city.

    The region is home to more than 250 medtech companies and 22% of UK’s digital health jobs are based in Leeds. Leeds City Region is host to a unique and influential healthcare ecosystem providing unequalled opportunity for investment and growth. This ecosystem seamlessly joins up public, private and third sector collaborators, operating in world-class research facilities, with an easily accessible, ready-made population sample that is representative of a cross-section of the UK population to efficiently deliver projects of scale and a rich talent pool.

  9. How long does the programme run for?

    Elmwood LaunchPod will run for 12 weeks with a tailored programme designed for your business. It will commence on 3rd September, 2018 and finish on 23rd November, 2018.

  10. When can I apply and what are the key dates?

    Applications Open – Now

    Applications Close – As soon as 5 places are filled

    Selection & Shortlist – As and when relevant applications are submitted

    Interviews – will be arranged as and when we receive applications.

    Final feedback – By 30th July

    Elmwood LaunchPOD – 12 week starts – 3rd September

    Elmwood LaunchPOD close – 23rd November

  11. What’s in it for me?

    There is plenty. Check out our ‘What’s in it for you‘ section of our site. If you still have questions, just drop us a line.

  12. What can I expect at the end of 12 weeks?

    • A refined business plan and go-to-market strategy
    • Extended knowledge across all areas of business including: Strategy, brand & marketing legal, HR, finance
    • A better aligned approach to your business
    • Potential funding from Elmwood
    • Access to a larger network of potential investors
    • A supportive alumni community
  13. Do you offer funding?

    For the right opportunity, we will. However, funding is not the most important thing we offer. We’re offering a stimulating and exciting programme and environment tailored to support your business over a 12-week period, as well as access to some of the world’s most renowned brands.

  14. Who are Elmwood LaunchPod's partners?

    We will be making announcements about our partners over the next few weeks.

  15. Are you only focused on consumer health?

    • No, each 12-week programme will run with a different theme. Our September 2018 programme focuses on ‘the Future of Consumer Healthcare’.
  16. In practical terms, what’s on offer at Elmwood LaunchPod?

    • Desk space
    • A personalised area in an inspirational, stimulating space
    • A friendly and collaborative, non-corporate environment
    • High-speed broadband connection
    • Whiteboards and stationery
    • Access to our meeting room booking system
    • Break-out areas
    • A limited amount of storage space
    • Easy access to all city centre amenities
  17. I’ve been part of a similar programme before. Can I still apply?

    Yes, as long as you meet the criteria above, we will consider your business.

  18. This is not my first business venture. Can I still apply?

    Yes, as long as you meet the criteria above, we will consider your business.