News: Meet the Podies | Elmwood LaunchPod

We are very excited to announce our full roster of businesses who will be joining our 12-week business accelerator: Elmwood LaunchPod.

We had an amazing selection of companies applied across the consumer health spectrum, but we had to whittle down the list to four businesses. Elmwood LaunchPod aims to help businesses with a focus on innovating health and healthcare systems to scale-up using creative innovation. Over the course of 12 weeks entrepreneurs will gain support from Elmwood Brand Design on everything from business growth, marketing and HR. As part of the package, the ‘Podies’ will get free workspace at Elmwood Studios in Leeds so their teams can collaborate.

Now without further ado here are the amazing Podies:

Leeds-based Engagify Ltd is developing an AI solution called Sayge, to support employee mental health 24/7 on a global scale. According to mental health charity Mind, one in four people will experience mental ill-health each year. This has a huge financial cost for UK employers with mental health-related absences alone estimated at £26 billion annually. Founded by wellbeing Expert, Fabiola Detari, the team of four have a mission to inspire positive psycho-social wellbeing in organisations to overcome mental health stigma in the workplace.

Dietary Assessment Ltd, based in Leeds, was founded by Professor Janet Cade to tackle diet-related disease. The company has developed an online tool, myfood24, which allows researchers, teachers and health professionals such as dietitians to monitor diet and analyse food and drink consumption to help reduce obesity-related conditions and manage diseases such as diabetes. In addition to the UK, myfood24 is being used in the Australian, German and Danish markets with plans to develop an eHealth tool for health professionals and individuals to help reduce and better manage diet-related disease., a registered UK charity, provides a free social network for people with multiple sclerosis. Founded by George Pepper and Freddie Yauner, following George’s diagnosis with MS at the age of 22, supports many thousands of people across the world as they make sense of MS. The charity also runs the patient-led video interview format ‘MS Reporters’. This initiative gives patients direct access to expert health information. train volunteers with MS to become citizen reporters, interviewing professional experts on topics centred around the MS communities’ unmet needs and interests. The result is a video library of patient-driven expert knowledge. Patients are better informed and have more confidence to manage their own health.

DigiBete is an award-winning, free to access patient-centred video sharing platform and educational resource about Type 1 Diabetes. Created by two parents, Maddie and Rob Julian, in full collaboration with the Leeds Paediatric Diabetes Team after the diagnosis of their son aged just 20 months, the DigiBete platform is co-designed with families and healthcare professionals to help support children, young people and families self-manage their Type 1 Diabetes.

And that them! The Podies will start the accelerator in September where they will participate in weekly workshops from a world-class community of designers and creatives. The businesses will also get 1:1 mentoring from experts in Elmwood’s vast business network.

Sarah Dear, managing partner at Elmwood and managing director of Elmwood LaunchPod cannot wait for the action to start: “We are excited to welcome an amazing group of talented entrepreneurs who share Elmwood’s passion for innovative thinking and design. These organisations are using creativity and technology to address real health problems and shape the future of healthcare and consumer health experiences. Working collaboratively, we can support the drive and commitment these entrepreneurs possess and help them scale up and reach their next level of growth.”

Over the next few weeks we will be tracking what the businesses on the accelerator get up to and how they grow. Want to see what happens? Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to gain insight to the workshops and follow the Podies.