Talking MyFood24 with Lauren Gibson

Business growth doesn’t just come from the founders. It comes from having the best team to support your vision. For Dietary Assessment, and the success of MyFood24, that is doubly true.

We wanted to know what is it like to work within our Poddee’s team, so we sat down with Myfood24’s Lauren Gibson. As a nutritionist & marketer, we wanted to find out how the business has been growing from her viewpoint.

What does myfood24 do?

myfood24 aims to help prevent and better manage a diet-related disease. It is an online dietary assessment tool for researchers, teaching and health professionals. Myfood24 is a quick and easy tool that tracks, monitors and analyses nutritional intake accurately. It can be used by health practitioners to track patient progress against personalised nutritional goals. It can also be used to improve patient knowledge and understanding. The tool can also be used by patients self-managing long-term health conditions like diabetes and coeliac disease.

Why did Dietary Assessment apply for LaunchPod?

Our experience to date is primarily based around academic markets. Myfood24 is currently being used as a research and teaching tool to better understand the links between diet and health outcomes. LaunchPod is an accelerator tailored towards the healthcare market which we are now entering.  We felt it was a fantastic chance to gain further insight into this market and support our business development. We also wanted to learn from Elmwood as well as the other Poddies on the programme.

What has been the best part of the accelerator so far?

One of the great things about the LaunchPod is meeting the other Poddee’s. Elmwood has given us the platform to interact, collaborate and learn from others who have the same goal of transforming the healthcare landscape for the better. It’s a really exciting environment to work in that breeds productivity and inspiration. And of course, the opportunity to work with the fantastic guys at Elmwood has been amazing. The sessions have always been informative, insightful and inspirational.

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

As a small university spin-out company we all wear lots of different hats meaning there’s a lot of context situation at a high pace and thinking on your feet, which isn’t always easy. But we’re a strong team that all pull together, we know that we can turn to each other for help and support to overcome barriers and achieve our goals… Plus I do love a challenge!!

How does myfood24 help consumers?

Typical methods to assess diet are either cumbersome paper-based methods or generic weight loss apps that are not robust enough for clinical use. Myfood24 automates the diet tracking process to save significant time and effort for both the patient and health practitioner.

The time saved allows practitioners to really focus on patient education and support. Accurate nutritional feedback produced also helps patients better understand the impact diet has on their health, leading to improved dietary behaviours. myfood24 empowers patients to confidently manage their condition to live a healthier and happier life.

Where would you like to see Dietary Assessment in five years time?

I’d love to see myfood24 being routinely used within the healthcare setting. For example, being used as part of general health checks with your GP to better prevent and manage diet-related disease. And also to be endorsed by a range of health-related charities for their members alongside being adopted by corporate wellbeing programmes as part of regular health screening and monitoring.

We currently have myfood24 translated into German and Danish, with localised food datasets. It would also be great to see it translated into even more languages and being used more widely across the globe!

How do you think Elmwood Brand Design has been able to help Dietary Assessment?

Elmwood has given us the opportunity and tools required to really focus on and develop our brand story, which we believe is a unique and exciting one. myfood24 can make a real difference to those living with diet-related diseases in order to confidently self-manage their condition as well as preventing future diet-related disease. We’re really grateful to Elmwood for giving us the opportunity and outlet to express this.

Who is your business icon/role model?

I’m not sure I have one in particular. For me, all females leading STEAM businesses are really inspirational. It was Ada Lovelace Day a few weeks back and it was so great to see the level of support for the women flying the flag in the STEAM sector, especially those in the North!

How do you cope with the stress of your job?

I walk to and from work every day which I really enjoy (although not so much when I’m battling against the wind and rain the Yorkshire weather can sometimes throw at me). It gives me the chance to unwind after a long day. I’ve also recently started using Headspace before bed, I think it’s really important to take time out of your day to take a pause and reflect. Ensuring there is a good work-life balance is really important to me.

Do you think LaunchPod has been useful to Dietary Assessment?

LaunchPod has been really useful to us, it’s allowed us to take a step back, see the bigger picture and then hone back in on and explore the things that really matter. Everything relates back to our vision and purpose of reducing diet-related disease.

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